Baba, and his family of seekers
Have renounced
The worldly way of living
And are living in love and surrender
to the Supreme Being.

They are living for
Realizing the Supreme Being,
Serving Creation,
And finally coming to “Ultimate Union.”

Supreme Reality Caravan is a group
Going Home
To Union with The Supreme Source

Baba’s Love and Faith
Is mystical and real.
It is from his direct
And personal experiences
With “The Supreme Being”.
He does not follow
Any religious tradition or beliefs.

Baba lives in the world
In complete Love, Faith, and Surrender
 To “The Supreme Being”.

He and the seekers have given up living for
Worldly power, wealth, pleasures
And competing with others.

They live a normal and simple life.
Do worldly things
But in an aware state.
They only answer
The Supreme Purpose of life.
They serve Creation
And do not let any material thing
Come in their way.

About SupremeRealityGuide

BhagatBaba has been in a personal and direct relationship of love with “The Supreme Being” for many lives.

In this life, he was born and grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Supreme Being revealed to him at the age of 6. It reawakened his journey of my past lives.

BhagatBaba Birinder

With his family of co-seekers, Baba was in the Himalayas before coming to the United States.

Baba is the author of the award-winning book “The Supreme Being” published 2010, “Nuggets of Gold from The Supreme Being for the Starved Soul” published 2017 and coauthor of “Supreme Reality Art?” with his daughter and seeker SupremeRealityArtist Summer. His worldly background includes science, engineering, and business.

Baba puts people on The Spiritual Path of The Heart, interacts, clarifies, and initiates those who are ready for seeking the Supreme Being.

Baba has been guiding a group of seekers, in the United States, for over nine years.
Baba has given numerous talks, presented at spiritual conferences, and appeared on radio and television talk shows.

Original Caravan Members

Baba’s family members have been his co-travelers in his journey through Creation since the beginning. They all are devoted seekers of the Supreme Being, the original members of the “Supreme Reality Caravan”, and in service of Creation with him.

SupremeRealityGuide Birinder and Family
Baba & Family

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