Turnaround Toward Reality

Actually you have no second option, but turnaround toward Reality. If Unreal living was permitted by Creation you would never have ended up in a crisis in life. Persisting with unrighteous and hedonistic living after this wakeup call of crisis will lead you to self-destruction.

Have you ever thought that your existence in the world is mortal, short, precious, your only real possession, and must have some higher purpose?

Aren’t your constant feelings of fear, meaninglessness, and unhappiness exposing the fakeness of your distractive, ignorant, and pleasure-seeking living?

If it makes no sense today , how will you deal with the fear of the unknown and regret at the end? Power, money, relationships could make no one immortal so far, how will you be able to defy the laws of existence? Wake up from the dream before it is too late.