We give a real path

A real way of living

Not knowledge about Supreme Reality.

If you have read about us
Watched our videos
Read our books
Seen images of Supreme Reality Art
And felt drawn to
Supreme Reality Caravan’s path
Then you need to meet us.

Above all remember:
Everything comes at a price
And there is nothing
More precious than
Supreme Reality
And it comes at the highest price.

If you love
Power, money, and material
More than Supreme Reality
Ripen first.

You cannot know about
Without revelation
And experience it
Without guidance
Of a mystic
And seeing a demonstration of it
In the lives of seekers
Of Supreme Reality.
Feel deeply your
Passion and courage
Before committing to
Supreme Reality Caravan’s path.
We suggest
Do not begin
Before you are
Thoroughly disillusioned
With unreal living.
And are prepared
To shed fakeness
And arrogant behavior.


We do not offer
Short-term, unreal fixes with:
Magical ideas and fantasy.
We do not offer
Inspirational/Motivational talks
And three-day kind Intensive Workshops.
Supreme Reality Caravan
Puts you on a real path
That is
A lifelong Commitment.
We want
To remind you
Life is made of time.
Any wrong choice
Based on illusion
Will result in
Many wasted years.
For transformation
You will have to begin
Living in a new way.
The way of living we share
Is rooted in Supreme Reality.
Our process requires
Sincerity and hard work.
It has worked in my life,
My family’s life,
And in the lives
Of many people.