I am a mystic.
I have experienced
The Supreme Reality
Of my Self and Creation.

I was in my hermitage
In the Himalayas,
In Supreme Joy
Of immersion within
The Supreme,
My family of spiritual seekers
Was with me.

The Supreme
Gave a command to me
To leave the Himalayas
And go out into the world
For putting those who are ready
And searching
On the path.

I am a master of
My Path of the Heart
Toward The Supreme.
It is the path
I have journeyed on
Many lives
Toward My Supreme Reality.

I, and my family of co-seekers
Serving The Supreme with me
Became the Supreme Reality Caravan
To travel and help.

I do not reveal Abstract Spiritual Knowledge.
I do not convince or debate.
I put you on Your Path,
Give you Your Method,
If your time has come.

SupremeRealityGuide Birinder